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EARLY INTERVENTION(Developmental Disabilities)

   Developmental Pediatrics is a medical speciality that focuses on child growth and development.

Best Child Development Centre in Hyderabad Developmental pediatricians diagnose and treat children, adolescents, and their families in dealing with a broad range of developmental and behavioural difficulties. Behavioural problems include learning disorders like dyslexia, writing difficulties, math disorders, and other school-related learning disabilities.

The formative years of a child are the most crucial, as they form the fulcrum of the personality of the child, going forward. It is important to identify and treat developmental problems, as this will lead to wholesome and holistic growth in the child’s body and mind.

Development and body growth are crucial to your baby’s well being, and its importance cannot be stressed upon. It is said that a healthy body houses a health mind. It is only when physical and mental development goes hand in hand, can we cherish a fulfilling life and love all its joys. Learning difficulties can be gauged quite early in a child these days since the minimum age to join schools and play centres is much lesser today.

In earlier days, when developmental pediatrics wasn’t as vast a field as it is today; there wasn’t enough knowledge and experience to tackle the problem. This resulted in some taboos and misconceptions against learning disabilities. Today, the most commonly reflected problems are autism and dyslexia in children. With conventional therapy, counselling and treatment, these can be cured.

Krishna Children’s Hospital has a team of highly skilled and vastly experienced Developmental Pediatricians who bring to the table years of experience in this specialised field. Since developmental disabilities are highly painful ailments, our team of doctors ensures that every single process is handled with dexterity and compassion. Our alert and efficient support and nursing staff also help the specialists in treating our little friends in a warm and smiling manner.